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A catalyst for clarity, empowerment for authentic greatness.

You decide your personal “next,” and Kiannaa Sadge will help lay out powerful, effective tools that will get your organization results that matter.

Kiannaa is a fearless communicator who teaches others how to gain profound change by developing the most important relationship we will ever have: the one within ourselves.

She is an innovator and activator who guides clients on an experiential journey of development through awareness, powerful actions, and clarity of intention by accessing our inherent tools within.

Kiannaa teaches clients about Energy Management, Emotional Intelligence, the Power of the Voice, and much more.

If You Are You Ready to…

     ☐ Achieve positive outcomes

     ☐ Be more present in your relationships

     ☐ Create a positive shift in thinking

     ☐ Increase your joy, love, and gratitude?

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Conscious Minds

Online, self-paced courses you can experience at any time from any place.

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Live Events

Powerful, full-immersion, experiential trainings facilitated through horse.

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Inspired Speaking

Experienced speaker who helps organizations and individuals unlock their possibilities

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